The Wyvern Seed Fund has a mixed portfolio of investments across the two Universities. In addition to investments into new spin-out companies the Fund has been used to support the development and commercialisation of academic research and Intellectual Property, for example by establishing License Agreements or other collaborative ways of returning value from the science/technology.

Apitope | www.apitope.com


Apitope Technology is a biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for allergy and autoimmune diseases.

Atlas Genetics | www.atlasgenetics.com

Atlas Genetics

Atlas Genetics is developing rapid tests for serious disease such as chlamydia and the hospital superbug MRSA.

Azellon | www.azellonctx.com


Azellon, is developing a cellular therapy to repair knee mensicus cartilage.

Boxarr | http://www.boxarr.com/


Boxarr is commercialising a planning software tool for large complex product development projects.

Graphcore | www.graphcore.ai


Graphcore is a fabless semiconductor company spun out from Xmos that designs processors for servers

Ilika Technologies Ltd | www.ilika.com

Ilika Technologies Ltd

Ilika's proprietary high throughput screening technology is used to discover novel materials for the energy, electronics and biotechnology industries. 

Imetrum | www.imetrum.com


Imetrum has developed a high accuracy, non-contact measurement system for materials and structural testing and monitoring.

Karus Therapeutics Ltd | www.karustherapeutics.com

Karus Therapeutics Ltd

Karus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing innovative therapies to treat cancer, inflammation and heart disease.

KWS Biotest | www.kwsbiotest.com

KWS Biotest

KWS BioTest supplies a variety of disease models to drug development companies.

Micrima | www.micrima.com


Micrima is developing a microwave array for high resolution breast tumour imaging.

Perpetuum Ltd | www.perpetuum.co.uk

Perpetuum Ltd

Perpetuum has developed a kinetic energy harvesting system which produces electrical energy for a variety of possible applications.   

Revolymer | www.revolymer.com


Revolymer has a pipeline of products based on novel polymers. Its lead product is a proprietry formulation of non-stick chewing gum.

Stratophase | www.stratophase.com


Stratophase has developed an optical microchip sensor for measuring chemical processes.

Symetrica | www.symetrica.com


Symetrica is commercialising proprietary, high performance gamma-ray spectroscopy for detection of nuclear threat materials.

Xmos Ltd | www.xmos.com

Xmos Ltd

Xmos is a semiconductor company with novel processor architecture that emulates hardware functionality.

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